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  • Contact Mr Jassal at Melbourne Breast and Endocrine Surgeons on 03 9871 4166 or email us at MBES

  • Our reception staff are dedicated, friendly and will assist you if you are unsure about any part of the process


  • Appointments can be made prior to obtaining a referral from your General Practitioner, but you will need this referral at your first consultation with Mr Jassal

  • Any relevant test reports

  • If you have CT scans, mammograms or breast ultrasound, please bring the actual pictures – ie; not just a written result / report

  • If you have not been provided with pictures, you can contact the radiology centre where you had imaging performed and request them

  • Medicare +/- private insurance details / Veteran’s Affairs card / WorkCover information

  • A current list of medications and allergies



  • Please arrive 10 minutes early if it is your first consultation with Mr Jassal

  • You will be asked to complete a registration form at your first time 

  • Every effort will be made to see you in a timely manner


  • There will be an out of pocket fee (ie; after Medicare rebate) for consultations

  • There may be additional fees if extra services such as ultrasound, needle biopsies / aspirations or other small procedures are performed

  • Pensioners and some Health Care Card holders will be billed at a reduced rate

  • Every endeavour will be made to avoid unnecessary expense to you.

  • Outpatient consultations do not attract a rebate from your private health insurance

  • We appreciate full payment on the day of service

  • Any necessary nursing services in our rooms will NOT be charged at extra cost to you

Patient makes Appointments for Sunil Jassal Melbourne Breast Surgeon
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