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Have Your Breasts Changed?

Discovering a lump or unusual change in your breast can be extremely stressful, and worry can be exacerbated by waiting for various assessments and tests. Some years ago my colleagues and I brainstormed the idea of setting up a Rapid Assessment Breast Clinic. We wanted patients to be seen within two working days by a specialist Breast Surgeon. We wanted diagnostic tests - including state-of-the-art 3D Mammogram (Tomosynthesis), ultrasound and image-guided core biopsy (where necessary) - undertaken the same day. And we also wanted results returned to GPs and Specialists within 24 hours.

Today, my team and I at Mitcham Private Hospital offer one stop access to comprehensive services both for women at risk of breast cancer (risk assessment) and those experiencing symptoms (diagnostic assessment). Patients are assured of a comfortable, streamlined experience, confident in the knowledge that they are benefiting from the care and expertise of a highly skilled team. Our Radiology team, Imaging Associates Mitcham (based within Mitcham Private Hospital), offer patients priority access to a technological breakthrough in breast cancer detection which delivers a full field 3D digital mammography. Results are then reviewed by myself or another specialist Breast Surgeon in conjunction with Imaging Associates radiologists. Patients and their GPs are kept informed all the way through this process.

For more information on this service, or to make a referral, please contact my rooms on (03) 9872 4166, phone 1800 4 BREAST or click HERE to access the One Stop Breast Screening and Diagnostics link on the Mitcham Private Hospital website.

(PHOTOS: Melbourne Breast and Endocrine Surgeons Headquarters, and Interior Views from Imaging Associates Mitcham, which are based within Mitcham Private Hospital).

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