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Let's Get Physical!

Volunteerism isn't something I've done enough of. Like everyone else, I'm busy with work and family. And sure, I donate my time to medical student and young doctor training, but really, that's just part of my job.

So it was very humbling to turn out with my family for the Olivia Newton-John Wellness Walk and Research Run at La Trobe University this morning. I saw a lot of people giving their time, their effort, their money for a cause they believe in. Perhaps the cause itself matters less than the simple objective of helping others.

We'll certainly be back to run again next year. It was a privilege for our team - Grease Lighting - to raise funds for such a worthy institution and we were treated to crepes, a sausage sizzle, freebies, markets and stage shows. We even saw Olivia sing "Let's Get Physical" just before the run.

Finally, a huge thank you to our incredibly supportive friends and family for donating to a great cause. This year we raised almost $700. I wonder if we can double that next year?

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